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EdTech Studios is your educational partner in eLearning – webbased education. eLearning is a highly efficient way of packaging and presenting training, regardless of scope or complexity. Read more about how it works and why it fits your organisation.



EdTech Studios delivers complete web-­based educational solutions. We provide a unique combination of technology and pedagogy, resting on a foundation of reliable experience and science.


Our approach


Designing training that fulfils and exceeds its purpose requires planning and a clearly formalised production process. At EdTech Studios we combine reliable methodology and pedagogy with experienced project management and modern presentation tools.




We have our own studio facilities, equipped with the latest in image and sound.

eFront is a flexible LMS platform for enterprises that need advanced security measures and extensive customization to train masses of employees, partners and customers.

Designed to be the industry’s most adaptable enterprise LMS, eFront gives you complete control over your virtual training environment and your data. It blends seamlessly with any other infrastructure and has the power to grow as you grow.

In fact, eFront helps your business grow by keeping your workforce skilled, your partners qualified and your customers smart.


TalentCards is a micro-learning platform, designed so that businesses can mass-train their people with easily-digestible material.

Course administrators create beautiful learning cards in seconds and deliver training over mobile to reach learners anytime, anyplace! 
TalentCards is ideal for training on safety procedures, compliance training, new product knowledge training or any other type of training situation that involves bite-sized information. 
This unique mobile approach offers fast, easy, and fun training. Boosting retention and completion rates and making your people smarter.


TalentLMS is designed for businesses of any size to deliver effective and engaging online training to their employees, partners, and customers. It’s an easy to use, feature-rich LMS at a reassuringly fair price. 

Ideal for any type of training --from onboarding to compliance-- in any industry --from manufacturing to aviation --TalentLMS is able to compress or expand to your needs. This allows smart businesses all over the world to help their people grow, cut training costs and boost profits.


Educational tools