eFront vs. Talent LMS 

The main differences between TalentLMS and eFront are:


eFront offers more advanced functionality, allowing support for more complex training hierarchies and structures. For example, sub-branches to reflect team level managers, audiences to dynamically allocate training based on rules, skills and skill gap tests, more advanced assessment options, more content options. These are not available on TalentLMS.


·  eFront supports plugins (add-ons) that can be created externally to support specific functional requirements, custom UI and workflow requirements, advanced custom reports, integrations with third party systems etc, without affecting the ability to update to new releases.


·  eFront is available as a deployed solution (on-premise) or we can host on our servers (AWS server) in several regions around the world. TalentLMS is a cloud based solution, servers are located in the US and we utilize amazon s3 servers to bring the content closer to the end learners.


Overall, TalentLMS is a lean LMS which apart from some basic customization (logo, URL name), can not be customized as eFront to support any specific requirements. It is intended for customers who do not have advanced or specific requirements and is a good starting point for customer new to eLearning.